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The Wellington Caving Group welcomes new members.
If you are interested please attend one of our meetings or contact one of our committee members.


Please notify Trip Leaders early of your interest in their trip.

Trips coming up

add trips before 'ifend' 4 - 6 March 2022 Deep Cave Sarex, Canaan Downs, Takaka Hill. Guy will coordinate. add trips before 'ifend' 2-5 April 2021 Easter trip Paturau, organised by Guy

24-26 April 2021 ANZAC trip: Waitomo Cave and Karst Forum. Details to be announced on this 3 day extravaganza of all things cave & karst, details on sites) car pool organised by Guy

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Club nights

Club nights are held on the second Thursday of the month, at 7:30pm to approximately 9:30pm, from February to November.

The Club night venue is the Johnsonville Scout Hall, 30 Ironside Rd., Johnsonville

  • Club nights are advertised through our email group and can be found in the latest SumpThink.
  • The club night programme can be found on the club night page.

Club nights coming up

Apr 13
General discussio about CAVE SAR and the North Island SAREX comming up.
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Annual General Meeting

The WCG Annual General Meeting is held at the July or August club meeting.