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Wellington Caving Group


Website configuration

The website is based on the PmWiki content management software. This provides for customisation at a website, group, and individual page level.

The website is template driven, with supporting CSS files. In addition the functionality of the website is supported by add ons (also known as extensions or recipes) from third parties. It does not use group or page customisation, so these will not be discussed further.

A template and its related CSS file is called a skin.


The core configuration and setting are specified in the /local/config.php file. This specifies a range of settings including the skin, security, recipes, and behavioural parameters.


The skin specifies the template which controls the layout of the page, and its associated CSS which controls the formatting of the page. The skin is specified in the /pub/skins/hvda/ directory, with the files pmwiki.tmpl, pmwiki.css", and hvda.css@@.


In addition to the CSS files that are part of the skin an addition file, local.css in the directory /pub/css/ contributes to to website formatting.


Extensions (Add-ons)

PmWiki extensions are called recipes and there is a Cookbook of them. Recipes used here are

PmWiki features used

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