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The following text should be included from another page.

Join {$$ggname}

Post to {$$ggname} group -> mailto:{$$ggname}@googlegroups [period] com?Subject=Post%20from%20{$$ggwebsite}%20website
Subscribe by email -> mailto:{$$ggname}+subscribe [snail] googlegroups [period] com
Unsubscribe by email -> mailto:{$$ggname}+unsubscribe [snail] googlegroups [period] com

Here are examples of including the above text.

Join wellington-re-cycle

Post to wellington-re-cycle group -> mailto:wellington-re-cycle [snail] googlegroups [period] com?Subject=Post%20from%20WCG%20website
Subscribe by email -> mailto:wellington-re-cycle+subscribe [snail] googlegroups [period] com
Unsubscribe by email -> mailto:wellington-re-cycle+unsubscribe [snail] googlegroups [period] com