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Wellington Caving Group


12th September WGM Committee Meeting


Present:Simon Davis, Sue Parker, Kim Farrar, Robert Sowerbutts, Mike Wood, Bob Wellington, Bronwyn Hasler, Dave Hume
Starting:6:25 pm

Setting of subs for the 2007/2008 financial year:

It was proposed to keep the WCG subs at the previous rate of $20 for a full member. A second, third, and fourth member if they are in the same household will pay $10 per person, if there are children attending school there is no charge (this does not include NZSS membership). Any unwaged club members are to pay subs of $10.

The rate subs was proposed by the club president Simon Davis and seconded by Robert Sowerbutts.

General Business:

  • The minutes from the committee meetings will now be posted on the WCG web site.
  • The new NZSS membership forms are currently not available and are in the process of being updated for the 2007/2008 membership.
  • The Sump Think newsletter will be posted on the website and a paper copy will continue to be sent to the National Library of NZ.
  • Trips were organised for the next four months details can be found on the Events web page.
  • It was discussed to look at completing an expedition in the next year, the Chatham Islands was suggested as a possible location.
  • A decision was made to hold Committee meetings monthly to get things moving. The frequency of the meetings will be reviewed at a later stage.
  • It was moved by Bob Wellington to purchase Suunto tandem survey tool at $438.75. This was seconded by Rob Sowerbutts. Robert will go ahead and purchase the tool.

Action Items:

Bronwyn HaslerTo update Debbie Cade on the membership subs rate that has been agreed for 2007/2008.
Bronwyn HaslerTo follow up with Debbie Cade to see if she can get Kip Mandeno to update the NZSS membership form on the website.
Bronwyn HaslerTo contact Debbie Cade to find out more information about life members and associated WCG members.
Bronwyn HaslerTo get the list of the financial members off Barry Cullen.
Rob SowerbuttsTo order the Suunto tandem survey tool.
Sue ParkerTo send out the contact list in the next Sump Think edition.
Sue ParkerTo send a paper copy of the latest Sump Think edition to the National Library of NZ.

Next Meeting

10th October before club night

September Agenda

Meeting at 6pm (Pizza) for 6:30pm, Mitsubishi Motors

6:30pm President

Welcome, introduction

6:35pm Secretary
Minutes reviewed from the previous 2007 AGM
Minutes from previous committee meeting
6:40pm President

Decide on Subs for the next period

6:45pm All

Determine Club trips for the upcoming months

6:55pm All

General Business: AGM, carbide, survey equipment, hire equipment, etc

7:20pm close
Next meeting
October 10th - subject to confirmation

club night