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Wellington Caving Group


14th November WGM Committee Meeting


Present:Simon Davis, Sue Parker, Kim Farrar, Robert Sowerbutts, Mike Wood, Bob Wellington, Bronwyn Hasler, Dave Hume
Starting:6:25 pm

General Business:

  • Cathy Haddock has a friend who has some Michie phones that the club can use.
  • Suggested that John Lewin is promoted as a life member at the next AGM.
  • Suggested that not just committee members should be responsible for organising trips and that club members should be encouraged to assist with the logistics, leading and organising trips.
  • Barry is still following up to arrange the purchase of some carbide.
  • A decision was made to not hold a committee meeting in December 07.

Action Items:

Gavin HoldenFollow up on improving the clubs helmet lighting.
Bronwyn HaslerTo follow to see if the blue book can be updated by the NZSS
Bronwyn HaslerTo follow up and get the required signatories for the club bank account.
Bronwyn HaslerTo get the list of the financial members off Barry Cullen.
Simon DavisTo follow up on the criteria for honorary members (no longer active?).
Simon DavisTo raise the next AGM, proposal for WCG to change the constitution.
Bob Wellington/ Simon DavisTo follow up with SPARC in the new year to see if the club can get funding for harnesses/SRT gear for young club members to assist with training and trips.
Kim FarrarTo produce some posters and brochures for the club promoting the new members night and the club in general.

Next Meeting

13th February before club night

14th November Committee meeting agenda

Meeting at 6pm (Pizza) for 6:30pm, Mitsubishi Motors

6:30pm President

Welcome, introduction

6:35pm Secretary
Minutes from previous committee meeting

Subscription Notice


Membership Fees

7:00pm l

Involving club members outside the committee



7:20pm close

Next meeting: February 13th


club night