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Wellington Caving Group


13th February WGM Committee Meeting


Present:Simon Davis, Sue Parker, Kim Farrar, Robert Sowerbutts, Mike Wood, Bob Wellington, Bronwyn Hasler
Starting:6:30 pm

General Business:

  • Robert Sowerbutts and Bob Wellington are leaving the Committee due to other commitments. Thankyou both for your great contributions to the club. The committee to follow up to see who else may like to join the committee.
  • Simon Davis will organise the day trip to Mount Hector on 17th May 2008, as Robert Sowerbutts will have left by this date.
  • The blue book (NZSS Handbook) was being updated by Stephen Swabey, but is now being updated by Kieran McKay and Travis. Some sections have been reviewed and some sections are required to be written, so still may take a while before there is an updated book.
  • To date 21 club members have paid for their membership, there are currently 10 people who have not rejoined.
  • Agreed to investigate purchasing two one piece harnesses for children. The club has two medium harnesses (with small backs) and has 4 chest harnesses (2 medium and 2 small).
  • An asset register will be started and then assessed whether it is worth while insuring the clubs assets.
  • Cathye Haddock has obtained the ear pieces from the Michie phones, these still need to be built. Arthur has expressed an interest in building the phones.
  • Alex Horvat is organising the next trip to Maukuri on 1-2 March 2008. Simon has drafted a trip leaders guide that has now been put on the web site.
  • Gavin Holden has completed the first of the six required lighting upgrades for the club helmets at a cost of $20.
  • Bob Wellington has organised through Bivouac a 20% discount for club members. This discount will be available until Monday 4th March 08.
  • Hangdog also gives club members a 20% discount.
  • Current bank balance for the club is $3014.

Action Items:

Bob WellingtonTo obtain a price for a child's one piece harness.
Simon DavisTo follow up with club members who have not rejoined the club.
Sue ParkerTo contact SPARC and find out when their next funding round is.
Bronwyn HaslerTo get Barry Cullen and Judith removed as bank account signatories.
Simon DavisTo follow up with Stephen Swabey on life members.
Bob WellingtonTo organise with Mac from Bivouac the process for recording club purchases for the 20% discount.
Simon DavisTo send out an email to club members informing them about the 20% discount from Bivouac.
Barry CullenIs still following up to purchase carbide for the club.

Next Meeting

12th March before club night