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  • Te Anau trip

12th November WCG Committee Meeting


Present: Simon Davis, Sue Parker, Kim Farrar, Justin Hall, Steve Rush, Rob Gittins
Apologies: Scott Miller
Starting: 6:30 pm
Closing: 7:30pm

General Business:

  • There are currently 24 paid members (including one life member for 2008/2009.
  • Current assets as at 31 October 2008 was $3,262.26 and current liabilities were $715 (mostly NZSS Subscriptions).
  • Scott is in the process or organising to be a cheque signatory and to pay the current liabilities.
  • Scott thanks Bronwyn for all her support and assistance.
  • The posters from the new members meeting this year are on the website. These can be updated for 2009 and put up in shops and supermarkets to advertise teh new members night in February 2009.
  • Steve handed out a list of club equipment that was at hand and what was unaccounted for. Kim had two yellow helmets and Simon has the survey kit, belay rope and stitch plate and the projector and screen. The handheld GPS was unaccounted for and has not been seen by Mike Wood for a while.
  • Steve also created equipment Action Plan to maintain and manage the clubs equipment.
  • It is still uncertain how to upgrade the club helmets, as the design Gavin was working on did not work well. Kim suggested Dave Hume might be a good person to assist.
  • A new domain name called can be purchased for $30 a year. A decision is required if we wish to proceed and take up the offer.
  • To be discussed at the club night the Te Anau Expedition trip, Club Barbeque held at Bob and Pru's on 13th December and to find out if anyone in the club has the club GPS.

Action Items:

Sue Parker and Steve RushTo follow up and find out about the good morning Programme.
Justin HallHas talked to Bob Wellington about organising a time to itemise the SAR gear.
Steve RushTo talk to the landowner about the Ramseys Neck cave.
Simon DavisTo follow up with remaining club members that have not paid their fees.