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Wellington Caving Group


February Agenda

  • Previous minutes
  • Action items (see previous minutes)
  • Officers monthly briefing (President, Secretary, Treasurer, Gear)
  • 2008-2009 budget (Treasurer)
  • Discussion of approach to NZSS communication, review, and lack of consultation
  • Membership
    • 2008-2009 Membership renewals
    • Payments to NZSS (scott)
  • Programme updates
  • Gear funding (Treasurer, Sue)
  • Training 2009
  • Helmet upgrade
  • Domain name
  • Revisit the club wish list
  • charges for PT17 Indecision (Sue)
  • Life membership (Simon)


  • Scott

11th February WCG Committee Meeting


Present: Simon Davis, Sue Parker, Kim Farrar, Scott Miller, Justin Hall, Steve Rush
Apologies: Rob, Scott Miller, Justin Hall
Starting: 6:30 pm
Closing: 7:30pm

General Business:

  • No update has been received by the treasurer. Most club members have paid their subs. There are only a few outstanding subs outstanding. NZSS require another payment for fees that have been paid to the club.
  • It is a great loss Sue Parker resigned as Sumpthink Editor and from the committee.
  • A decision was made not to purchase the domain name that was on offer and to stay with the current domain name.
  • The club is in need of new helmets for new club members or people who would like to try caving. There need of a Childs SRT harness has been raised before. The club should contact Pub Charities to see if they can assist with helping to obtain funding for equipment for potential and new club members.
  • Steve liked the Tee shirts that were made by the CCG for their Club Anniversary and thought it may be a good idea to investigate the costs of creating our own club tee shirt.
  • Steve raised the idea of creating more professional posters for the club. Steve to investigate further.

Action Items:

Steve RushTo find out about the costs of printing tee shirts for the club.
Steve RushTo look at getting some more professional posters that can be put up to inform more people about the club.
Kim FarrarTo talk to Dave Hume to see if he will be willing to look at upgrading the club helmets.
Justin HallHas talked to Bob Wellington about organising a time to itemise the SAR gear.
Simon DavisCall the landowner of PT17 and confirm charges of entering the caves for club members to see if this can be free of charge as opposed to the commercial trips that are charged $10 .
Simon DavisTo get the helmets back off Gavin.
Steve RushTo talk to the owner of the other possible accommodation at Makuri.
Simon DavisTo write a letter to the NZSS council on communication to the clubs and that Simon would like to be included in reviewing the updated constitution.
Simon DavisEmail club members to see if anyone has the GPS or who may have used it last.