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Wellington Caving Group


11th March WCG Committee Meeting


Present: Simon Davis, Kim Farrar, Justin Hall, Rob Gittins, Justin Hall
Apologies: Scott Miller, Steve Rush
Starting: 6:30 pm
Closing: 7:30pm

General Business:

  • No update has been received by the treasurer. Most club members have paid their subs. There are only a few outstanding subs.
  • Rob raised an idea of having club trip book that could be kept with the Tea and Coffee Kit so that people can write comments and stories when they are away on trips. This information could also help for articles for the Sump Think Newsletter.
  • Kim mentioned that she has been doing some walks with Sue lately and that some of these could be added to the trip list if anyone is keen on joining.
  • More trips are required to be organised for the upcoming months and it would be good to have a couple of trips that are organised for the next committee. People who indicated they would be willing to run or assist to organise a trip could be contacted to see when they would like to organise a trip (this infomation is on Google docs).
  • Bronwyn requested permission to use WCG funds to purchase electronic componentry for WCG & TPP michie phones and would be reimbursed directly from NZSS. It was agreed at the meeting that Bronwyn could precede, but just to need to confirm how much money was required.
  • It was raised that people are not coming to the committee meetings. Further discussion required as to what people want to do.

Action Items:

Steve RushTo find out about the costs of printing tee shirts for the club.
Simon DavisTo talk to Wayne and follow up on Ramsey’s neck.
Steve RushTo look at getting some more professional posters that can be put up to inform more people about the club.
Kim FarrarTo talk to Dave Hume to see if he will be willing to look at upgrading the club helmets.
Kim FarrarTo purchase a exercise book that can be used as a club trip book.
Justin HallHas talked to Bob Wellington about organising a time to itemise the SAR gear.
Simon DavisCall the landowner of PT17 and confirm charges of entering the caves for club members to see if this can be free of charge as opposed to the commercial trips that are charged $10 .
Simon DavisTo get the helmets back off Gavin.
Steve RushTo talk to the owner of the other possible accommodation at Makuri.
Simon DavisTo write a letter to the NZSS council on communication to the clubs and that Simon would like to be included in reviewing the updated constitution.
Simon DavisEmail club members to see if anyone has the GPS or who may have used it last.