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Wellington Caving Group

2009 AGM Minutes

12th August 2010 WCG AGM


Simon Davis, Sian Davis, Kim Farrar, Gareth Penhale, Rob Gittins, Bronwyn Hasler, Justin Hall, Alex Horvat, Olly Betts, Jenny Black, Katie Hinchliffe, Walter Jobstl, Bob Wellington, Arthur Norgrove.
Jennifer Roberts, Barry Cullen, Pru Wellington, Mike Coburn, Steve Rush.
Starting: 7:30 pm
Closing: 9:00pm

Minutes from the 2009 AGM were read and accepted after a couple of adjustments were suggested.

Presidents Report

  • Presidents report was read and accepted by Bronwyn Hasler and seconded by Kim Farrar.

It's the end of another financial, committee, and WCG organisational year. It's the time when we look for new participants to help make our club a success for its members. And what do we mean by that? Well I've kept two things in mind in my last two years as President, and in fact during the other roles I have had in the club as well.

The first is that a club has to grow, it needs new members to join and eventually contribute to the club, keeping the club vital and active.

The second is that it should provide value for members by way of trips and other activities, such as training, skills, and knowledge sharing that is needed to make caving enjoyable and safe, while at the same time providing challenge and achievement.

WCG has been fortunate to have senior members who have passed on their knowledge through assisting new members, organising expeditions, and taking beginners caving.

A club doesn't run itself, nor does it attract new members without friendly involved people. Trips don't happen without planning, organising, promotion and publicity by leaders and organisers. Caving works best with leaders who are supportive and skills don't develop without coaching, mentoring, and practice.

Needless to say, I'm asking you to volunteer to help with club activities and organisation for the forthcoming year. I'm a believer that "many hands make light work" (excuse the caving pun there), and also that the all members in a club of our size need to put a little something in each and every year.

WCG President

Treasurers Report

  • Treasurers Report was read - Details below. The financial report was accepted by Simon Davis and seconded by Rob Gittins. Below are the key points from the report.

Membership remains at 34 members, which is the same as last year. WCG gained 9 and lost 9 members during the year.

Cash Book

Opening Balance:$2154.36
Closing Balance:$2828.36
Unpresented cheques:$35.00
Balance as per Stmt:$2828.36

Income and Expenditure

Income for the year totalled $1,754.00 (including NZSS Subs), which is an decrease by $200 in comparison to last year’s figures. The total expenditure for the year was $1080.00 which was comprised of NZSS subscriptions. Leaving a total surplus of income over expenditure of $674.00.

Election of officers:

  • President: No Nominees were received.
  • Secretary: Katie Hinchliffe said she would stand for secretary, This was Primary vote by Simon Davis and seconded by Bronwyn Hasler.
  • Treasurer: Bronwyn Hasler would temporarily be the Treasurer. Primary vote by Kim Farrar and seconded by John.

Committee members:

  • Alex Hovart agreed to continue as the role of committee member and to manage the Website. Primary vote by Kim Farrar and seconded by Bronwyn Hasler.
  • Steve Rush agreed to continue as role as a committee member. Primary vote by Bronwyn Hasler and seconded by Kim Farrar.
  • Justin Hall agreed to continue as a committee member and will take up the role of trip coordinator. Primary vote by Simon Davis and seconded by Walter Jobstl.
  • Rob Gittins agreed to continue as a committee member. Primary vote by Kim Farrar and seconded by Walter Jobstl.
  • Simon Davis agreed to be a committee member. Primary vote by Arthur Norgrove and seconded by Bob Wellington.

Ex Officio Roles

  • Olly Betts and Jenny Black agreed to continue as SumpThink editors and will be the Gear Officers.
  • Kim Farrar agreed to be the Librarian.

Primary vote by Bob Wellington and seconded by Arthur Norgrove to accept Ex Officio Roles

General Business:

  • Simon thanked the committee members for their efforts for the year.
  • There was some discussion over the need for new club helmets. Bob Wellington had done some research and found some good helmets for $350 each. There was some discussion on whether to purchase 2 or 4 helmets. A vote was held and it was determined that four helmets would be purchased and up to $1,250 would be spent on helmets.
  • There was also some discussion about the necessity of a club rope. No decision was made.
  • On 29/08/2009 a SRT session will be held at Bob's house for those people keen to brush up their SRT skills on the tower, possible BBQ after.
  • The next club night will be held on 09/09/2009 buy Olly and Jenny.
  • Justin mentioned that there is a SAR coming up in Nelson if anyone is keen.
  • On October 24-25th NSG are going to host the NZSS AGM.
  • The NZSS are also planning a trip to Nettlebed later in the year.
  • Bob Wellington is planning to run a trip to Megamania at the start of 2011.