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Wellington Caving Group

2010 AGM Minutes

11th August 2010 WCG AGM


Bob Wellington, Jen Roberts, Barry Cullen, Mike Coburn, Walter Jobstl, Kim Farrar, Matthew Pack, Alex Horvat, Rob Gittins, Simon Davis, Bronwyn Hasler, Sue Parker
Justin Hall, Rob Sowerbutts, Si‚n Davis, Jenny Black, Olly Betts, Pru Wellington, Dave Hume
  • The meeting was chaired by the Secretary Simon Davis.
  • The minutes from 2009 AGM were read and accepted Rob G/Bob W
  • There were no matters arising
  • Thanks to the retiring President were made and he was wished the very best for his overseas adventures.

Election of officers

  • Only one nomination for President was received, Walter Jobstl, Simon/Bronwyn, and Walter was appointed by acclamation.
  • Jen Roberts stepped forward into the role of Secretary Bronwyn/Kim and appointed unanimously.
  • Bronwyn agreed to carry on as Treasurer with unanimous approval from members.

Election of committee

  • Rob G, Alex H, and Bob W volunteered to assist on the committee.

Ex Officio

  • Jenny and Olly agreed to remain as Gear Officers and SumpThink editors
  • Alex agreed to continue as Webmaster


  • The Presidentís report, Secretaryís report, Gear Officers and SumpThink Editorís written reports were presented.
  • Alex presented the website report.
  • Bronwyn presented the Treasurers report. This was discussed and accepted, Simon/Barry.
  • Kim presented the Library report, noting the donation of books from Mark Bodt, and showed two recent acquisitions.

General business

  • New signatories to be arranged for bank account, also a westpac business account to be arranged to provide ease of access and convenience.
  • Bob to mount lights on new helmets
  • Moved Simon/Barry that existing Petzel Zoom lights on club helmets should be replaced by LED bulbs subject to an acceptable cost approved by the committee.
  • New helmets to be named and numbered for identification purposes.
  • Payment for helmet hire.
    It was agreed after discussion that where possible payment should be made in advance on collection the helmets from the Gear Officer or at club night prior to the trip. Payment can also be made to the club bank account number which is available on the website. Charges are also available on the website.
  • Trips to cave on QEII land out of Martinborough and potential caves north of Makuri had been investigated by Sue.
  • Rob G went over trips for next year.