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Wellington Caving Group

2013 AGM Minutes

Held on 14th August 2013 19:30 to 20:30 Mitsubishi Motors


Sue Parker, Barry Cullen, Rob Gittins, Arvid Hunze, Walter Jobstl, Gavin Holden, Simon Davis, Anne West, Anna Stewart, Damien (Fuzzy), Gareth Penhale, Nicole Miller



2012 Minutes

The 2012 minutes were read and proposal to accept minutes as true and correct made by Barry and seconded Simon.

2012 Matters Arising


Officer's Reports


Barry read Sues Presidents report for 2013 Main points :

  • Sue thanked all people involved for the successful NZSS AGM hold in Oct 2012 by our club (even produced small profit) and asked who is going for the next AGM (note Sec: held by NSG, contact details in Aug Tomo Times)
  • was a very successful caving year : we found several new caves in Martinborough including Anzac, 5 to4, cave the name we don’t know yet, premier-Muddy T trough trips, surveys of 5 to 4 done and Plunge Pool started
  • on the do list : survey of all of our caves ( side note : 2nd survey gear will soon go back to Nelson), document with all important new and old GPS data, WCG Cave Sarex
  • Anna and Gavin attend rope course last year and Sue reminded us that we should attend more of the SAR courses to keep the courses alive as well as our skills up to date
  • Gear : we are still watching latest developments for Mickey phones to decide which one to buy
  • Sept meeting organised by Sue will be big one including life membership awards so Sue hoped for support and good turnout
  • Sat 9 Nov targeted for cave diving talk of Jamie, organized by Nicole and Sue
  • coming large trips : a) 21/22 Sept – together with Nicole’s dive club, Nicole still looking for WCG volunteer to lead trip into non-commercial cave, will also look for ASG support b)Feb 2014 Megamania
  • Sue emphasized that it is important to renew membership and pay subs to keep club in the good state it is at the moment


  • no major communication in 2013 apart from few newsletters and contact from overseas mountaineering club


  • Barry circulated table of all financial data, gear hire was very good last year, overall due to 1000 $ donation to Ch Base club made only a small loss of 407.79 $
  • club has 31 financial members, an all time record
  • Barry proposed that Subs stay same, Simon seconded

Election of Officers

There had been no nominations or challenge for the role of officers.

  • Sue P is available for President and there being no other contenders is re-elected unopposed
  • Baz is available for Treasurer and there being no other contenders is re-elected unopposed
  • Arvid is available for Secretary and there being no other contenders is elected unopposed


It was called for volunteers to take on a role on the committee.

  • Rob, Walter, Damien and Gareth are the incumbent committee members.
  • Walter is to retain the gear officers role
  • Sue will continue to edit SumpThink
  • Simon will continue with the Web Master duties

General Business

Life membership :

  • Rob raised question if amendment to constitution would be necessary, decided to send a description of criteria along the lines “supporting the club above normal membership including roles as president, sumpthink editor, trip organizer etc” will be circulated and members asked for input to finalise the description
  • being a life member will include name engraved in an award (organized by Barry) and free WCG membership fee (NZSS still to be paid) –supported by all members present
  • Simon nominated Mike Coburn and Mike Wood for life membership award in Sept, Barry seconded it, Sue will organize the Sept meeting
  • Simon raised issue of no beginners trip in 2012, despite this we got 3 new members, discussion about target group, Adventure Wellington seems too broad , Tramping and diving club more promising, decision about approach and date for beginners trip will be set by committee
  • Gareth raised issue of emergency contact for relatives, Sue reminded us to use and bring the emergency forms on a trip, Barry reminded us to keep the contact data on webpage up to date, this would be a good starting point, Cave Sarex will be updated
  • Arvid raised beginners SRT training, after his Europe trip will contact other members to setup and held a professional intro course, he also collected videos from Gareth and Rob which are available on request
  • Gavin will ask Vic, who borrowed our ladder for possibility to talk about their expedition

Meeting Closed

The meeting was declared finished 8:30pm to the board room for Gareths talk and cave photos of our new discoveries in Martinborough.