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Before the club meeting we had a committee meeting I want to inform members about :

Topic 1. Plunge pool photos for our friendly hosts :

We decided to print one of Neils photos on a A2 canvas. But I am also looking for a photo of our hosts in the cave to print it on an A4 canvas ( A4 because for a large print you need a higher resolution than the point+shot cameras normally has), if anyone has good photos of them please send them to me

  • Cost will be around 100-120 $
  • I will check websites and consult with the committee before ordering.

Topic 2. Rescue gear

  • Probably all gear for setup a good system there, maybe few more prusiks needed, we will store all in a box and only a belay system in a separate bag, Barry is marking our gear at the moment
  • We thought would be good now to start some training with it. It is enough gear for 4 people so we should try to organize session for interested members. It will be probably an afternoon 10:00-14:00
    • Agenda : 1 h explain gear 1 h showing system to set up, 1-2 h doing it yourself.
    • Place : probably in park near Colonial knob in the trees, When : depending on interest but we will try a Saturday or Sunday in May
    • Interested members : could you please send Arvid an email that you want to do such a training and what are possible weekend days in May ?

Topic 3. Next club trips- if you are interested please contact the organizers

  • 5th or 6th March : Martinborough - start of Mina blasta survey, large entrance drop and tight wet cave
  • Easter 25-29th March : Paterau, Barry is happy to be point of contact but he will stay a few days longer so he can only help with infos, caving at all levels possible
  • Anzac day weekend 23-25 April : Puketiti, Arvid depending on group and caves, Barry will be guide us so iw ill consult with him for specific questions
  • Queens Birthday weekend 4-6th Simon and Arvid are thinking of organizing trips, one option is big NZSS meeting in Charleston or going to Waitomo or big cave in the South, will update when we get closer to the date

Topic 4. Constitution

There are some changes upcoming for charity concerning constitution, nobody in committee felt need to do something urgently so Barry will just have a look at it

Chair: Arvid; Apologies: Sue; Present: Walter, Gavin, Pru, Barry Rob G, Simon