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Wellington Caving Group

2016 AGM Minutes

Held: 2016-08-10 19:30 to -21:00 at Ignite Sports in Lower Hutt
Present : Anna, Fuzzy, Guy, Walter, Rob, Kim, Gavin, Arvid, Simon
Apologies : Barry, Pru, Sue, Nicole, Jay, Anne

Officer reports

  • Meeting minutes AGM 2015 read and and seconded by Walter, only open point was Gareth mentioned gear unfit for use clarification Arvid will follow up on this
  • President's report read by Arvid and seconded by Rob
  • Librarian's report read by Arvid
  • Treasurer's report read by Anna and seconded by Simon
  • SumpThink editor: ok flow of SumpShink every 2 months but reminder that it depends on articles of people on trip, Fuzzy will nominate a number from last year for entry at NZSS AGM club magazine prize in Cct
  • Webmaster: only minor additions to the webpage last year no problems
  • Safety officer: no major issues but good attendance at different courses, SAREX, also reminder to do some practice with our rescue gear this year
  • Gear officer, secretary: no report

Election of officers

  • Simon propose Arvid as President unanimously elected
  • Kim happy to be Secretary, unanimously elected
  • Arvid proposed Anna as Treasurer unanimously elected
  • Arvid as Gear officer nominated by Gav, unanimously elected
  • Arvid happy to run Library, unanimously elected
  • Guis nominated Simon as webmaster unanimously elected
  • Arvid nominated Gavin as Safety coordinator, unanimously elected
  • Walter, Rob, Guy happy to be committee members unanimously elected
  • Barry proposed to keep subs the same, seconded by Simon

Other business:

  • Discussion that a new projector and small sound system would be good for club nights, Guis and Arvid will look for options and report to comitte
  • Grandparent scheme to be discussed at committee meeting after Justin not being in Wellington again

Club night topics :

  • Kieran movie about Mt Owen expedition Sept Arvid
  • Guy about caving in Switzerland - Oct
  • Rescue rigging night if weather is good in park otherwise might switch with Jan Gavin, Barry Nov
  • Movie about Romanian cave which was sealed Million years ago - Jan Arvid and Guis
  • Mina Blasta geology Gavin , late 2017

Trips :

  • Pio Pio - November Kim to organize but need a cave guide
  • Megamania expedition : Working date week Jan 23 wellington anniversary week Arvid
  • Hawkes Bay revisit hook up with local cavers Arvid but support needed maybe Simon, Barry
  • Guis to organize beginners trip maybe Makuri but support needed
  • Plunge Pool for club members who haven't done it - early Summer weather depending Arvid