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Wellington Caving Group


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Roles and tasks

These are not necessarily on committee roles. They involve an element of planning, eg an outline of what WCG would like to achieve over the next one to three years, and coordination - making it happen in the next six to twelve months. More than one person can work on these tasks and activities.

Chief guide/trip organiser/trip planner

Trip leader

Communications: publications and publicity

SAR, Training, and safety

  • training officer
  • safety officer
  • SAR contact and backups
    • currently in order Barry, Gavin, Sue


  • new members
  • membership retention
  • existing membership service
  • working with NZSS membership


  • accounts
  • budget
  • asset register
  • membership records


  • committee meetings and minutes
  • AGM
  • correspondence


  • AGM
  • committee meetings
  • Planning

Gear Officer


Karst Index database

  • evangelise
  • provide information on request
  • solicit information
  • keep up to date