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2007-07-National Park

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Extra caving, mountain biking, skiing, hiking trip

20-22 July

We are running a caving/42 Traverse mt bike/ski/hiking/whatever you wish trip to National Park on the weekend of 21-22 July. The caves are small but always interesting if you have never been before. Depending on water levels, there is a lot more cave to be found than on the survey. Very easy to find and you don't really need to be led if you have a few skills. But caving will probably be done on Sunday.

For Saturday the mountain bike can be reasonably rough in wet weather and is not 42km long but around 53km. Need a day pack with full waterproof gear, survival blanket, torch, warm gear and spares for your bike. A thermos of hot drink comes in very handy also. Barry is an expert fixer but you will need to carry the tubes etc. It is certainly possible to get snowed on at this time of year and highly likely to be ice on the ground (those puddles are damn cold, I have tried them but I survived). That said in fine weather the views of the mountains with snow on are fantastic and it is the best bike ride I have done in NZ. I will do the car shuttle as I have done the ride a few times already.

If there is snow, I may shoot off for some skiing while I am waiting :)

I have pencilled in ten beds at $28pp per night at the National Park backpackers in rooms with 6 and 4 beds and ensuites. At the moment they also have double rooms available at $67per room per night. Also some beds left in the bunk room right now and a group of 25 pencilled in who might pull out.

They have a pretty good climbing wall (around $9 for guests for Sat night entertainment), and a hot tub and a communal kitchen, lounge room. But we would probably eat Sat night at the pub next door, last time I was there it was good food and roaring fire.

So&. If you want to come you have until Monday 25th June to confirm. I want definites at this stage, as I need to confirm the accommmodation booking with my credit card details.

There are three definites already, me, Barry and Rob S. So lets hear from you, home phone is 2360663. I only see emails during week days.