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Wellington Caving Group welcomes new members on most trips, however members do have booking and accommodation priority. If you have enjoyed three trips with the club we ask that you join our club.

Please contact the committee with any suggestions, questions, or feedback about trips. We are always looking for people to lead trips, and suggestions for places to visit and revisit.

If you would like to give caving a go, we have some information on getting started and going on your first trip.



add trips before 'ifend' 27 December 2017 - 2 January 2018, mini expedition Megamania, organised by Anna


add trips before 'ifend'

Training Nights

Training nights, including climbing and Single Rope Technique (SRT), selection and purchase of gear, setup and maintenance of gear, etc are available on an on demand basis. Please contact a committee member. Something will happily be arranged

Holiday calendars

WCG's Caving year

While trips and events vary, there is a broad structure to WCG's caving year that provides a framework from which the club's event calendar is built upon.

JanuaryNZSS expedition2014 was NSG Tablelands.
January No clubnight, no SumpThink
Wellington Anniversary weekend Camp?
Waitangi day Can be difficult for kids returning to school
MarchNew members nightFollowed by by beginners trip and bulk gear purchase
MarchNew members tripTo places such as Makuri, Pohangina, or Okupata
EasterPaturauWCG generally send a contingent to this NSG organised weekend
ANZAC weekend Waitomo, Piopio, Mahoenui?, Nelson?
Queens BirthdayCharlestonCCG organised West Coast caving
Queens Birthday WCG away trip, such as Whakapunaki, 2009 to Nettlebed
JuneMid winter swimFirst weekend after shortest day
AugustWCG's AGMElection of committee, Wine and Cheese, Photo competition, best SumpThink article competition
OctoberNZSS AGMHeld alternately in the North and South islands. 2014 at Waitomo.
DecemberBBQClub barbecue, no clubnight