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New Members Night

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Wellington Caving Group (WCG) welcomes people interesting in trying caving or continuing their caving from elsewhere. Just contact us and join us at one of our regular club night. We organise beginners trips and SRT training according to interest.

At our new members club night we tell you about caving, and show you where we cave and inside some caves.

We can reassure you that its not too dark, wet, cold, or claustrophobic! In fact its a lot of fun that kids and up can enjoy.

We show you some of the gear we use, and tell you how you can try out caving with only minimal upfront expense.

Come caving on ...

See our club night page for venue location and directions.

Please bring a friend or three


New Member's trip , as example

The plan is to drive up to Tongariro Holiday Park on Friday night.

there is camping within walking distance of the cave (alternative accommodation can be arranged at TTC Lodge on Mt Ruapehu - about 30 mins walk from the road with great views, or commercial at National Park).

Saturday morning cave at Okupata, come out for lunch. Another part in the same cave in the arvo.
On Sunday there is are walks, we can explore for another cave marked on the map (well downstream), or look at the resurgence, or just prospect. The club could even survey the cave (or at least a part of it) since the NZSS map covers less than half its area.
As a beginner caver please have a look at the following

There are costs for transport, accommodation, and food. The trip is self catered, with a shared meal on Saturday night. Please arrange and book your own accommodation.

Approximate costs might be

  • $30 per night for a shared cabin
  • $10 for takeaway dinner on Friday night
  • $10 for Saturday shared meal
  • $5 Helmet/light hire
  • bring own food for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks
  • contribution for transport, dependent on driver