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About the Wellington Caving Group Website


All text and pictures are copyright of their respective owners.

  • The Wellington Caving Group logo is copyright of the Wellington Caving Group.
  • Permission to copy part or all of these pages must be obtained prior to copying or using them.


These pages are produced for and on behalf of the Wellington Caving Group. Opinions expressed on them are not necessarily those of the WCG or the Webmaster.


The WCG website is updated on demand. Both the committee and club members can update the website, or provide information to the webmaster.

  • The trip list and club night event information is supplied by the committee.
  • Contributions and updates are solicited from all for the WCG pages.


The WCG website uses a collaborative wiki engine to allow all club members to both benefit from, and contribute to, our enjoyment of the club and its activities.


  • Image manipulation is performed by PMVIEW.
  • Files are uploaded by Filezilla.
  • Telnet can only be done with PuTTY SSH client
  • WCG uses PmWiki (version pmwiki-2.3.15)


The Wellington Caving Group Home Page is hosted by Hoopla Hosting NZ.


WCG has been on the web since 1998, hosted for may years by the free Wellington Community Net.


WCG recognises the privacy implications of the web, particularly those related to searching and archiving of content. Also the nuisance of spam.
In general WCG does not publish residential addresses on its web site. WCG does not preserve email addresses or telephone numbers of archived information (eg the previous trip list).

This also recognises that telephone numbers and email addresses change.
The personal email addresses of all club members are redirected through club email addresses (ie, to protect privacy and to allow the cancellation of the email address in event of spam.

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