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Wellington Caving Group


Single Rope Technique (SRT) gear

This equipment is not required until you get into caving seriously.


Any harness will do, but caving harnesses are specifically designed for SRT and are recommended. Considerations are comfort: you may be sitting in the harness for some time;

cleaning: harness will get wet and muddy.

Caving harness, Access Gear
Caving harness with maillon,Aspiring Enterprises

Required to maintain position of Croll ascender.

Prusik cord or elasticised cord can also be used with a simple loop around the neck.
Aspiring Enterprises. Traditional
Aspiring Enterprises. Torse-like(recommended)

Cows Tail

tape double 20mm

Petzl and Aspiring (30/60 cm) Double tape cows tails are available.

A fixed cowstails stitched to the Triad harness can be supplied.

Cows tail

3m of 9mm dynamic rope

Also required one screw gate karabiner (or rapide), and two twist (double not triple action) lock karabiners.

Aspiring safety sling (80cm).

2m of 9mm dynamic rope. Also required two screw gate karabiner (or rapide).

Pack Strap

Aspiring Pack Strap.
Use 1m of prusik (6mm). Also required one lightweight accessory karabiner (attached to pack), and one lightweight accessory rapide. Attach to little purple strap under the harness.

Ascenders Petzl Ascension
Petzl Croll
Explorer ascender (Aspiring)
Mini and chest ascender (Aspiring), both
Descenders Petzl Stop (not recommended for New Zealand)
Petzl five bar Rack (not recommended for New Zealand)
Aspiring five bar Rack stainless (recommended)

Static   for SRT. 10mm std diameter, also 9mm and 11mm, 30, 40, or 50 metres. Aspiring Enterprises, Bivouac

2008-04-25 10.10.31 P4250981 Simon.jpeg: 768x1024, 172k (2009 Apr 03 00:00)

Harness Arrangement

Keep things in strict order, from left to right (or vice versa)

  1. cowstail
  2. descender (rack or stop)
  3. chest ascender connection
  4. ascender lanyard

Footloop attached to hole in base of ascender, or to rope attached to ascender.
Pack strap attached to harness between legs, or donkey's tail - loose end of ascender rope.