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Wellington Caving Group

Club Newsletter Competition

To find the best cover, editorial, article, and overall single issue of a caving club magazine.

Entrants for the club newsletter competition were:

Cavity 2012-02.png: 572x805, 258k (2012 Oct 17 00:00)
Cavity 2012-09.png: 570x804, 304k (2012 Oct 17 00:00)


editor Jonathan Carr

The Griff 2012-03.png: 569x803, 147k (2012 Oct 17 00:00)
The Griff 2012-10.png: 569x803, 146k (2012 Oct 17 00:00)


editor Brian Bowell

SumpThink 2012-03.png: 569x803, 184k (2012 Oct 17 00:00)
SumpThink 2012-04.png: 570x803, 518k (2012 Oct 17 00:00)
SumpThink 2012-10.png: 569x803, 231k (2012 Oct 17 00:00)


editor Sue Parker

The evaluation criteria comes under two broad categories:


  • visual appeal: attractiveness; catches attention;
  • navigability: access to the content; layout
  • techniques: effective use of headings, index or contents, illustrations; colour, emphasis


  • comprehensive: content for time period and club activity, eg reports, calendar; contacts
  • quality of writing: construction; flow
  • relevance to caving; technically accurate about caving


  • cover
  • editorial
  • calendar/trip list
  • article


(a tough job because of the high quality of all the entrants)

Best cover:

  • Cavity 2012 February

Best Editorial:

  • Cavity 2012 September

Best Article:

  • SumpThink 2012 October
    "Back to Martinborough - the return visit"
    by Sue Parker

Best Calendar/Trip list:

  • The Griff 2012 March and October

Overall club magazine winner

  • Cavity 2012 February

Congratulations to the editors and all contributors who produced such interesting and informative magazines.
These issues represent well the energy and dedication of the cavers in these clubs.

Competition judge
Anne West