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Photographs submitted by club members for the website.

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These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works
3.0 New Zealand Licence

Tips and hints
  • synchronise camera times at the start of a trip
Digital photographs contain EXIF tags including the date and time the photograph was taken. When camera times are synchronised it makes it easy to order photographs in chronological order.
  • update your camera time for daylight saving
  • create a page for trip photos by using the "Add page to Photos" box in the left sidebar (see also the FAQ)
    • name the page yyyy-mm-dd-location/event to endure it is finable
  • to add photos to a page drag photos to the "Drop file to Unload" box visible at the top of the page whenh editing the page
    • remove sensitive location metadata
Harwoods map by Richard Bramley.jpg: 1654x2339, 246k (2018 Oct 25 01:39)
2008-05-17 20.52.50 80 Acres at the end of west passage 3 Wayne.jpeg: 640x480, 63k (2009 Apr 03 00:00)
004.jpg: 1232x1632, 447k (2010 May 10 00:00)
2014-05-17 15-45-59 Taihape-14 (480x640).jpeg: 480x640, 270k (2014 Oct 19 02:42)