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SumpThink, the Wellington Caving Group's newsletter, is published monthly and distributed by email through our email list.

SumpThink's primary purpose is to keep members and prospective members informed of upcoming events so that they can participate in them. Its other main purposes are to report back to the members the outcome of these activities, and a report of committee activities, and therefore form a record of the club. This requires trip reports from trip participants.

SumpThink is published quarterly.

  • Contributions are welcomed, preferably by email -> mailto:wcg-sumpthink [snail] caving [period] org [period] nz, or google document or similar.
  • Photos also gratefully accepted, photos can be uploaded to the website.
  • Scanned photographs, artwork, etc are also solicited.
  • Please compress (zip) files up before sending them.
  • The deadline for contributions is the last weekend of the month.

Anyone is welcome to subscribe to SumpThink, which is free by email.

Legal deposit

SumpThink complies with Legal Deposit requirements.

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