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This article was first published in SumpThink in May 2005

Anzac Weekend

Thanks for organising a very successful caving weekend, your catering was spot on. Wasn't it great how well the accommodation worked out, even making it possible to separate the kids of when the noise got a bit much, we did this on Monday night as well!

Our Maui through trip was fairly full on from the time we left Ducky Scunge, I used 2 hot packs on 2 of the kids to keep core body temp up, but we completed everything successfully, if but some what chilled. I plan to use the trip as an example of some of the plus-minus, remembered- forgotten, organised-muddled, issues, events and experiences. I certainly learnt heaps, yet was also very pleased with allot of how it all went.

Mike was a great help once we got into the water, after having a flat spell at the beginning when his meds were not fully working. He stopped up by the pretties while I brought the kids up in 2 groups and this rest period was all that was needed except for our short stops during the stream passage, till we got back to the cars. In all he achieved 15 hrs of caving activity, 3 new caves and lots of photos during the weekend so we'll keep moving forward towards the Mt Owen target, it has been a useful motivation for me as well and I particularly enjoy coming up with different way of making things possible.