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Annual General Meeting 2007

WCG 2007 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Held 8/08/2007 at Mitsubishi Motors
Apologies: No apologies were tended.
2006 Minutes: Robert read the minutes from the 2006 AGM. Kim moved that the minutes were a true and accurate record. Barry seconded this motion. The motion was accepted unanimously.
General business from the last years AGM. The club gear was in doubt as to whether it could be stored at Mike Woods place as he was moving house. Mike has moved house and still has the clubs gear.

Presidents Report: Bob read the Presidents report. Bob congratulated all club members who put in a lot of energy into hosting the 2006 NZSS AGM at Piopio. He also made mention of the success of the website and the archiving work done by Simon, Mike W and John L. Bob also referred to a number of successful club trips including the trip to Whakapunaki over Queens Birthday Weekend.

In conclusion Bob made special mention to Pru and Mike W for helping him stay focused and looked back on his three years as Club President with considerable satisfaction and a small amount of regret. The regret being that he had run out of energy to keep club activities humming along in the last six months of his tenure as well as he would have liked.

Financial Report: Barry presented the clubs financial accounts. The club recorded a surplus over expenditure of $640.20. The bank account currently has a balance of $2,059.55. Copies of the clubs accounts were distributed at the meeting for members to peruse. Robert moved that the accounts be accepted as a true and accurate record. This was seconded by Pru and carries unanimously.

Election of Officers: The following people were elected unopposed.

President: Simon Davis
Treasurer: Bronwyn Hasler
Secretary: Kim Farr
Committee: Bob Wellington, Robert Sowerbutts
Sumpthink Editor: Sue Parker
Librarian: Mike Coburn
Web Master: Simon Davis

General Business:

  • Barry suggested the club look into the purchase of new survey gear
  • Judith suggested the club needed new helmets and lights to replace the current units which are used to hire out
  • Simon asked if the club needs another drum of carbide. This needs to addressed urgently as we have none left.
  • Bob wants a discussion on committee meetings being held on the same night as club nights ie a committee meeting once a quarter on the same evening as club night, either before or after the meeting.

These matters will be discussed at the next committee meeting

The meeting closed at 8:14pm after which nibbles, drinks and a slide show of West Coast Caving by Dave Hume was enjoyed by all.