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Wellington Caving Group


Come Caving

Novice's night

Come caving on ...

See our club night page for venue location and directions.

Please bring a friend or three


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Caving: adventure sport's best kept secret

Come caving with Wellington Caving Group

Please put our publicity material up at work, at the library, at the supermarket, at your local outdoors store.

Edit the poster to add your name and phone, or delete the contact details line

Slogans for our new member's night poster

More contributions always welcome

  • Need help getting out of a hole.
    call Wellington Caving Group ...
  • Want to see Nature's deep dark secrets?
    come and enjoy her hidden wonders ... with Wellington Caving Group
  • Spelunking
  • Come caving with the speleo
    kings and queens
  • Half a mind to go caving!
    thats all it takes ...
  • Tired of the kitchen,
    try pot-holing
  • Like a night out with a Tramp & dining by candle light>
    Come caving
  • Like to make a Fashion Statement Ö Into Hat, Gloves & Boots Ö
    so are we!
  • Donít leave the chimneying to the sweeps
    Come caving
  • Need help getting out of a Hole?
    Come caving
  • If you like to Ö
Drop in on friends
Hang about
Have good safe unclean fun
Challenge your mind and your body
Finish the day with port & cheese & laughter
Then donít let obstacles stand in your way
Come caving
  • Donít believe all you read Ö Caving
    Try it for yourself
  • Let us light up your life, bridge the gap and expand your boundaries
    Come caving
  • Do you like to poke your nose in? Always wondering whatís around the corner?
    Come and find outÖcome caving.
  • Donít leave the Pot Holes to the Road Gang!
    Come caving
  • Cavers do it in the dark


Please download, print out, and distribute, our posters.

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Come caving pdf, jpeg, ppt

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Come caving colour pdf, jpeg, ppt