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Wellington Caving Group


Club email lists

Email news and discussion lists

We use our email list to share up to the minute information on trips and club nights, for organising ad hoc activities, and for discussions about gear, caves, or related interests of the club. We also use it to distribute our monthly newsletter SumpThink. Anyone who joins the list is encouraged to use it to send messages to other club members.

These list is low volume, that is there may be half a dozen or so messages a month, depending on the number of trips and activities being organised.
You can receive individual messages, or a daily digest of messages.

Sending a message to the email list

  • send an email to the email list - click on wgtncaving@yahoogroups [period] com -> mailto:wgtncaving [snail] yahoogroups [period] com

Joining and leaving the email list

Click on the following links, and then in your email software click send.

  • subscribe to wgtncaving, send an empty email to wgtncaving-subscribe@yahoogroups [period] com -> mailto:wgtncaving-subscribe [snail] yahoogroups [period] com
  • unsubscribe from wgtncaving, send an empty email to wgtncaving-unsubscribe@yahoogroups [period] com -> mailto:wgtncaving-unsubscribe [snail] yahoogroups [period] com

Visit the email lists on the web

Using the email list

Putting a file or photo on the club website and then notifying people about it is the preferred option.
Messages to the email list can also be read or posted from the web at To do this you need to sign up to yahoo. (More information about this here.)