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Wellington Caving Group


Joining and membership

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The Wellington Caving Group welcomes new members.

The Wellington Caving Group are a friendly bunch of underground enthusiasts who organise regular caving trips, interspersed from time to time by bicycle, kayaking, and tramping trips. The group has a regular monthly meeting, and runs training events from time to time.

If you are interested please attend one of our meetings or contact one of our committee members.

We have an annual new members night where we invite you to come caving.


Members receive preferential booking on trips, and longer caving expeditions are members only. Members receive discounts on hire gear, access to the club library, and of course the group's regular newsletter SumpThink

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WCG Subscription

Membership fees for WCG consist of a WCG and an NZSS component. WCG fees per person are

Total NZSS WCG Details
  • Full member
$55 $35 $20 includes NZSS full membership
  • Unwaged member
$45 $35 $10 includes NZSS full membership
  • Joint Family fee
$35 $25 $10 for second and each subsequent members living in the same household

includes NZSS family/partner joint membership

  • Child
$5 $5 $0 no charge for school age children

includes NZSS child membership

Payments can be made directly into WCG's bank account


Please ensure that payment reference details include your name, and email the treasurer (wcg-treasurer [snail] caving [period] org [period] nz) when you have done this giving your contact details, date, and amount of payment.

The subscription year runs from 1st September to 31st August.
For new members there is a half-year subscription from 1st March to 31st August of $30 ($20 NZSS, $10 WCG). See joining NZSS for more information.

To join please download the WCG membership form and after completing it email to the treasurer -> mailto:wcg-treasurer [snail] caving [period] org [period] nz.

As a member of NZSS you receive the Tomo Times, and the NZSS Bulletin.

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