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Events (17 pages)  WCG's programme of trips, club nights, and other activities and events

2007-03-15 Talk  Rick Stanton, cave diver and photographer
2007-06 Whakapunake  Whakapunake caving at Queens birthday with Arthur Norgrove
2007-07-National Park  Extra caving, mountain biking, skiing, hiking trip
2007-09-15-Makuri  Crash cave, abseiling and SRT in PT17
2007-12-08 Club Barbecue  2007 Annual barbecue
2008-Whakapunake  Whakapunake caving at Queens birthday with Arthur Norgrove
2008 NZSSAGM  2008 NZSS AGM cave details
2009 Te Anau NZSS Expedition  Background, information, links
Canterbury40th Anniversary  CCG 40th Birthday invitation
Caving Year  WCG's caving year
New Members Night  New Member's night
NZSSAGM 2009  NZSS AGM Takaka Hill hosted by NSG
Paturau  Paturau caving at Easter
Previous  Previous events
SRT Day At Hangdog  SRT Practice and Training Day

Information (25 pages)  

About  About the WCG website
Accident Seminar  Seminar:Accidents in outdoor pursuits -Their Causes and Cures; 2007-01-31
Accommodation  Accommodation and transport for caving locations
Advanced Gear  Advanced Gear
Beginners On Trips  bringing and looking after your friends and family
Contact  Contact WCG officers and committee
Equipment  Caving equipment and retailers
First Trip  what to bring
Getting Started  caving clothing and equipment
Glossary  Caving terms, phrases, and glossary
Hire Equipment  WCG Hire Equipment and Rates
Kitchen Kit  Kitchen kit contents
Knots  Useful knots for caving
Library  WCG's club library is available to members
SRT Kit  Single Rope Technique gear
Transport  Trip transport
Trip Leaders Guide  Trip leader's guide
Victim Report  NZSS Accident Victim Report

NZSSAGM 2012 (12 pages)  NZSS Annual General Meeting 2012

2012-10-21-NZSSAGM Makuri  Photos from the NZSS AGM Sunday caving at Makuri
2012 Photographic Competition  Rules and guidelines
Club Newsletter Competition  NZSS AGM club newsletter competition
Club Websites  Club website home pages 2012
Makuri Caving  Makuri Coornoor caving information
Martinborough Caving  Martinborough caving information
Photographic Competition Categories  NZSS Photographic competition categories
Poster  2012 NZSS AGM poster
Registration  NZSAA AGM 2012 Registration information
Wairarapa Activities  Wairarapa Activities

NZSSAGM 2018 (3 pages)  NZSS AGM 2018

Wairoa  Information about the Wairoa district

Trip Reports (17 pages)  

Photos (69 pages)  Wellington Caving Group trips and activities photo gallery

Thumb Page  Wellington Caving Group trips and activities photo gallery
2019-08-01 Winter Trips  Photos from ... 2019-08-01 Winter Trips
2018-10-22-NZSSAGM Day 3  Photos from NZSS AGM Wairoa day 3
2018-10-21-NZSSAGM Day 2  Photos from NZSS AGM Wairoa day 2
2018-10-20-NZSSAGM Day 1  Photos from NZSS AGM Wairoa day 1
2018-06-02-Charleston  Photos from ... Charleston cave meet, Queen's birthday 2018
2015-03-28-Makuri Beginners  Photos from ... 2015-03-28-Makuri Beginners
2014-06-21-Foundation Rope Rescue  Photos from ... 2014-06-21-Foundation Rope Rescue
2014-05-17-Taihape  Photos from Taihape prospecting
2014-04-18-Paturau  Photos from 25th annual Paturau Trip
2014-01-08-Ngauranga  Photos from ... 2014-01-08-Ngauranga
2013-12-11-Ngauranga  Photos from Ngauranga evening stream and culvert exploration
2013-04-13-Muddy T  Photos from Muddy T in Martinborough
2013-04-01-Gardeners  Photos from Easter 2013 at Waitomo
2013-03-31-Mangapohue  Photos from Easter 2013 at Waitomo: Mangapohue River
2013-03-30-Waipuna  Photos from Easter 2013 at Waitomo
2013-03-29-Waitomo Reserve  Photos from Easter 2013 at Waitomo
2013-03-03-Jackpot Cazna  Photos from Martinborough
2013-02-17-Minor Blaster  Photos from Minor Blaster
2012-10-21-NZSSAGM Martinborough  Photos from NZSS AGM Sunday caving at Martinborough
2012-10-21-NZSSAGM-Barbecue  Photos from NZSS AGM Sunday caving at Martinborough
2012-10-20-NZSSAGM Martinborough  Photos from NZSS AGM Saturday caving at Martinborough
2012-10-20-NZSSAGM Makuri  Photos from NZSS AGM Saturday caving at Makuri
2012-10-20-NZSSAGM Dinner  Photos from NZSS AGM Dinner
2012-10-19-NZSSAGM Wine And Cheese  Photos from the NZSS AGM Friday night wine and cheese
2012-03-17-Okupata Beginners  Photos from WCG's novice caver's trip to Okupata
2011-12-10-BBQ  Photos from BBQ at Paekakariki Motor Camp
2011-07-09-Makuri  Photos from ... 2011-07-09-Makuri
2011-03-27-Pukaha Novice Caving  Photos from novice caving trip at Pukaha Mt Bruce
2011-02-26-Coppers  Photos from Megamania expedition: A long day at Copper's Cave
2011-02-25-Megamania  Photos from Megamania expedition: Megamania
2011-02-24-Megamania  Photos from Megamania expedition: Big Chicken and Main Entrance
2011-02-23-Gunner  Photos from Megamania expedition: Kohaihai to Gunner River
2011-02-22-Kohaihai  Photos from Megamania expedition: getting to Karamea and Kohaihai
2010-05-09-Waitomo  Photos from ...
2010-03-13-Okupata  Photos from Okupata beginner's trip
2010-02-20-Martinborough  Photos from Martinborough
2009-07-11-Waitoru  Photos from Waitoru Station caving
2009-06-21-Mid Winter Swim Petone  Photos from the mid winter swim
2008-11-22-Piripiri  Photos from Piripiri, Pohangina
2008-07-12-Rauroa  Photos from Rauroa near Mahoenui, led by Bob Wellington
2008-05-31-Whakapunake  Photos from ...
2008-05-17-Makuri  Photos from Eighty Acre and Ramsays Neck at Makuri
2008-05-14-Life Membership  Photos from Life Membership presentation
2008-04-27-Riwaka Resurgence  Photos from the Riwaka Resurgence, ANZAC weekend 2008
2008-04-26-Harwoods Starlight  Photos from Harwoods Hole and Starlight Cave, ANZAC weekend 2008
2008-04-25-Middle Earth  Photos from Middle Earth over ANZAC weekend 2008
2008-04-10-Rescue Presentation  Photos from the Mike Brewer Rescue Presentation Ceremony
2008-02-09-Waitomo  Photos from WCG Waitomo trip at ASG's Awatiro
2007-11-17-Maungakotukutuku  Photos from Maungakotukutuku
2007-01-21-Maui  Photos from Maui cave, by Michael Wood
2006-06-03-Mahoenui  Photos from Mahoenui: Skyline (2006) and Rauroa (2007), by Michael Wood
2005-09-03-Waitomo-ASG  Photos from a Waitomo trip staying at Awatiro

WCG (20 pages)  Wellington Caving Group welcomes visitors

Annual General Meeting  Notice of WCG AGM
Annual General Meeting 2007  Notice of WCG AGM
Club Night  Club meetings
Come Caving  Membership publicity material for promotional use
Constitution  Wellington Caving Group Constitution
Email Group  WCG members use email lists to stay in contact and up to date
Links  Speleological and related links of interest
Membership  Joining Wellington Caving Group

ASG (3 pages)  Links to Auckland Speleo Group website, archived issues of ASGen

Asgen  Auckland Speleo Group Evening News

CCG (2 pages)  Canterbury Caving Club

HTG (3 pages)  Hamilton Tomo Group


MSG (7 pages)  Links to MSG website

Cave Area  Archive
Club Info  ClubInfo archive
Hints  Archive handy hints
Huts  Archive

NSG (3 pages)  

Hut  New page template

NZ Caving (4 pages)  NZSS affiliated clubs

Websites  Links to New Zealand caving club websites

NZSS (3 pages)  Links to NZSS website, archived Tomo Times issues

Tomo Times  Tomo Times back issues archive

NZSSAGM (11 pages)  

2007 AGM  NZSS 2007 Annual General Meeting

Sump Think (58 pages)  SumpThink is WCG's monthly newsletter

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Cave Notes  1 to 5
Editors  Editors of SumpThink
Edwards Dunlop Bulletin  House publication
SumpThink  SumpThink is WCG's monthly newsletter
Preparation  Preparing SumpThink from a word document template

Committee (42 pages)  WCG Committee information

What Use Is A Committee  Disucssion about the role of a committee
Roles  Committee and ex officio roles
Email Usage  WCG members use email lists to stay in contact and up to date
Documents  Club documents
Communications  Member communications
Communication Channels  Caving group communications channels
Annual General Meetings  New page template
2017 AGM Minutes  WCG 2017 AGM Minutes
2016 AGM Minutes  2016 AGM Minutes
2016-02-10-Meeting  New page template
2015 AGM Minutes  2015 WCG AGM Minutes
2014 AGM Minutes  2014 Annual General Meeting Minutes
2013 AGM Minutes  2013 Annual General Meeting Minutes
2013-05-08-Meeting  Committee meeting 2013 May b8
2012 AGM Minutes  WCG's 2012 AGM minutes
2011 AGM Minutes  2011 AGM Minutes
2010 AGM Minutes  WCG Annual General Minutes 2010
2010-02-07-Meeting  Committee meeting 2010 February 2
2009 AGM Minutes  WCG Annual General Meeting Minutes 2009
2009-11-22-Meeting  Committee meeting 2009 November 22
2008 AGM Minutes  WCG Annual General Meeting Minutes 2008
2008-05-14-Meeting  New page template
2008-04-09-Meeting  2008-04-09-Meeting agenda and minutes
2008-03-12-Meeting  2008-03-12-Meeting minutes
2008-02-14-Meeting  New page template
2008-02-13-Meeting  2008-02-13-Meeting minutes
2007-11-14-Meeting  2007-11-14-Meeting minutes
2007-09-12-Meeting  2007-09-12-Meeting minutes

Administration (10 pages)  Administration information

Configuration  Site layout, customisation, and configuration
Extensions  Wiki functional extensions used in this wiki
Features  PmWiki PmWiki:features used in this wiki
Google Group  An include template for google groups
Maintenance  Technical administration and maintenance of the website
Variables  used in the website
Yahoo Group  An include template for yahoo groups