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Wellington Caving Group

Club email list usage

Email news and discussion lists

WCG uses email lists to share up to the minute information on trips and club nights. They are great for publicising and organising trips, for organising ad hoc activities, and for discussions about gear, caves, or related interests of the club.

These lists are low volume, that is there may be half a dozen or so messages a month, depending on the number of trips and activities being organised.
You can receive individual messages, or a daily digest of messages.

Why have email lists

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Yahoo!Groups provide a free email news and discussion forum for the Wellington Caving Group.

This is an advertising supported service that allows club members to administer their own subscription details, particularly useful for keeping email addresses current.

Many club members are members of other Yahoo!Groups and find this an extremely convenient means of communicating and sharing information with the clubs, associations, and professional bodies of their choice.

We use this because it avoids a plethora of partial and out of date lists held by members, and with the club website, where committee details are available, provides an effective and efficient means of communication.

Additionally this supports the club's committee by reducing the workload of committee members and allowing their focus to be on club achievements, rather than administration.

For futher information see club email lists.