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Club documents

The committee maintains the following shared documents on behalf of the club.

Some are read only, others require a password to access. All club members can access these documents, please contact a committee member for access to the protected documents.

WCG asset registerprotected
WCG membersprotected
WCG programme 
WCG expenditure plan 

WCG encourages and involves people, it is a club where everyone contributes, and you of course get in what you get out. Many hands, light work, etc. We donít want people to burn out, we want members to be there for the long haul, even if they only come on one trip, and attend one club meeting a year. We'd like to see you take part, in time, in all aspects of the club's life.

The committee consists of three officers and up to six members, elected at the August Annual General Meeting.

"A committee is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they are mutually accountable." (Katzenbach and Smith, 1993)[1]

These pages provide a collaborative workspace and information for the WCG committee and wider club community. Whether or not you are on the committee you are welcome and encouraged to have your say and contribute.
The committee also use Google Docs to collaborate and work together conveniently.

This is a discussion and strategy document, outlining the scope of the committee's purview, and the roles and tasks that contribute to an active functioning club.

The following functions need to be considered
  • new membership
  • existing membership
  • refresh look of website, content review
  • what else?
    • subscription rate for 2024
      • sending out subs form (WCG will send out in 2023)
      • reinvite financial members from previous years
    • followup and ownership of action items from AGM
  • trip book to go one trip to be updated on the trip, can be used as basis for SumpThink articles
  • exploration
  • surveying
  • assets register, stocktake
  • combined club gear purchase (February)


See Roles.

Committee meetings

Committee meetings are called in by the president when needed.

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