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Wellington Caving Group


9th July WCG Committee Meeting


Present: Simon Davis, Sue Parker, Kim Farrar, Bronwyn Hasler
Starting: 6:30 pm
Closing: 7:30pm

General Business:

  • Current WCG account balance is $2,210.29.
  • The club has currently spent $100 more that it has made.
  • There are currently 33 paid members of the club.
  • Bronwyn sent a final email out to people who had not renewed their memberships in the last year and reminding them possibly joining for the upcoming year.
  • Good progress has been made on the michie phones. Colin Daniels has been in touch with Joe Sydney and he has donated 20 copper etched circuit boards. Bronywn has thanked him for these and suggested if we could get some earphones to send them to him as a thankyou.
  • The life membership cost $264, it is worth while to keep in mind the costs associated with this in the future and look at cheaper options for catering.
  • It is suggested to add a night at Hangdog on the trip list for August or September.
  • Sue has got some forms to fill in for the funding and would like some assistance filling them out. Bronwyn raised the issue that for some funding from charities that you need to have your accounts audited.

Action Items:

Simon DavisTo find out about auditing the of the club accounts and who has done this in the past.
Simon DavisTo bring wine for the WCG AGM.
Simon DavisTo itemise the first aid kit.
Kim FarrarTo organise the food for the WCG AGM

July Agenda

  • Previous minutes
  • Action items (see previous minutes)
  • Officers monthly briefing (President, Secretary, Treasurer)
  • 2008-2009 budget progress (Treasurer)
  • 2008-2009 Membership (Treasurer)
  • Program updates, Planning for 2008-2009 (Sue, All)
    • Trips for August to October and beyond
    • Clubnight topics
  • Club helmets LED replacement progress (President/Gavin)
  • Michie phones funding and construction (Treasurer)
  • Gear funding (Treasurer, Sue)
  • AGM planning
  • Committee for next year

Pizza at 6pm for 6:30 sharp start