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Wellington Caving Group


11th June WCG Committee Meeting


Present: Simon Davis, Sue Parker, Kim Farrar, Bob Wellington
Apologies: Mike Woods, Bronwyn Hasler
Starting: 6:30 pm
Closing: 7:30pm

General Business:

  • Bob Wellington is organising a trip to Raroa on the 12th and 13th of July. Bob will be going up a week early with some frineds. Bob would like to know what caves people want to visit and who is attending by 29th June 08.
  • Bob Wellington is planning to organise a trip to Nettle Bed and Harwards Hole on Queens Birthday 2009. He is planning to spend 9 days in the area.
  • It is suggested that a trip de-brief is held after a club trip has been held at the next club meeting.

Action Items:

Bronwyn HaslerTo continue to follow up on the Michie phones.
Sue ParkerTo follow up on gear funding for the club.
Kim FarrarTo send a letter to CCG congratulating them on their 40th Annerversary.
Kim FarrarTo follow up with Cathye Haddock for her to organising the two trainig sessions with Kip Mandeno.
Kim FarrarTo contact NZSS to get a copy of the second edition of the caving CD for the club .
Simon DavisTo follow up with Gavin Holden to complete the rest of the lighting upgrades for the club helmets.

June Agenda

  • Previous minutes
  • Action items (see previous minutes)
  • Raroa trip (Bob)
  • Officers monthly briefing (President, Secretary, Treasurer)
  • 2007-2008 budget progress (Treasurer)
  • Asset register progress (President)
  • Membership / lapsed club members (Treasurer)
  • message to CCG for their 40th
  • Program updates (Sue)
    • Trips for August to October and beyond
    • Clubnight topics
  • Club helmets LED replacement progress (President/Gavin)
  • Michie phones funding and construction (Treasurer)
  • Gear funding
  • Cave maps CD for club (President)
  • AGM planning

Pizza at 6pm for 6:30 sharp start