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Wellington Caving Group

Call Out Report

NZSS Accident Call Out Report

Version 1999 November    Corrections and updates to the webmaster -> mailto:wcg-webmaster [snail] caving [period] org [period] nz?subject=Call%20out%20report please

1. Caller 

What is your name?

At what phone number are you?  
Where are you?  
What is your condition?  
(Hours underground)  
2. Cave

What is the cave name?

What is its location?  


What problems of access are there?  


3. Victims 

Who has been hurt?

What Happened?  
4. Remaining Party 

Name . Place / Condition / Intentions (ie in cave, on surface, wet / dry, cold / warm, fresh / tired)




5. Rendezvous 

Who will meet the rescue party?

Where will they be met?  
6. Brief Description of Cave from Victim to Surface   


7. Gear 

What gear is at cave site or in cave?

What gear is required for rescue?  
1st Aid
8. Who else has been advised of the accident?   
9. Are you able to stay in the vicinity of the phone you are using?  Y / N 

This form (originally produced by WCG in 1983) has been modified and produced by the New Zealand Speleological Society Inc and the National Venturer Caving School in the interests of safety.