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Wellington Caving Group

Kitchen Kit

The WCG's kitchen kit is available for trip leaders to take on trips. It is funded by trip fees, eg $1 per head per trip.

It contains the following, packed in a plastic container.

  • hand sanitiser
  • dishwashing liquid, dish brushes (2)
  • stainless steel serving utensils: ladle, slotted spoon, spatula, turner
  • white plastic chopping board
  • scouring pad
  • cleaning cloths (disposable chux)
  • spray and wipe
  • tea towels (7)
  • tin opener
  • vege peeler
  • universal sink plug
  • milk powder (in plastic container)
  • milo (in plastic container)
  • coffee (in plastic container)
  • tea bags (in plastic container), plus selection of herbal & earl grey
  • white sugar (in plastic container)
  • wooden (icecream stick) stirrers
  • italian style herbs
  • ground pepper
  • large strong litter bags