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Wellington Caving Group

2011 AGM Minutes

2011 WCG AGM Minutes

Held on 10th August 2011 at Mitsubishi Motors


Mike Wood, Sue Cade, Simon Davis, John Lewin, Bob Wellington, Pru Wellington, Justin Hall, Mike Coburn, Rob Sowerbutts, Walter Jobstl, Jennifer Roberts, Barry Cullen (Baz), Matt, Rob Gittins, Kim Farrar, Bronwyn Hasler, Aileen & Gareth P, Sue Parker.



2010 Minutes and Matters arising

  • The minutes from 2010 AGM were read by Simon and accepted Barry Cullen / Kim Farrar.
  • There were no matters arising

Retiring officers

Thanks to the retiring officers and ex officio

  • Walter Jobstl as President
  • Jennifer Roberts as Secretary
  • Bronwyn Hasler as Treasurer
  • Jenni and Olly as Gear officers

Election of Officers

Only one nomination for President was received, Sue Parker, nominated by Baz, seconded by Bron,

  • and Sue was appointed
  • Sue Cade stepped forward into the role of Secretary and promised to join WCG.
  • Baz volunteered to be Treasurer

Election of Committee

  • Sue Parker – SumpThink Editor
  • Walter Jobstl – Gear Officer
  • Justin Hall – Events Co-ordinator
  • Webmaster position available in Alex’s absence


The President’s report, Treasurer’s report were presented. Gear Officers, SumpThink Editor, Library feedback presented.

President's Report

presented by Walter Jobstl with gratitude given to Sue P for sorting out his writing.

Treasurer's Report

presented by Bronwyn.

  • This was discussed and accepted,

Bronwyn spoke to her treasurer’s report and corrected the WCG membership report. She corrected membership numbers, with those who have join and those who have either resigned or not rejoined. Down by 6 (2 couples & 3 individuals and added Arvid)

Income & Expenditure: Not a lot of spending done this year after spending up last year and breaking even on the movie night leaving an increase in balance of $314.

Bank statement has been balanced up and approved by Baz C – who will be taking it over this year since his resignation from NZSS as Business Manager.

  • Subs were the real dollar increase into the club this year, with some gear hireage.
  • Aileen suggested that subs should be due at the AGM.
  • These can also be paid through the internet banking details on the Web site. Use name as a reference PLEASE as its hard to marry up who has and who hasn’t paid with no reference. $20 club plus $35, Family $9 for each child; NZSS $90 for a couple.
  • There was some discussion around membership and non payment.

Sue suggested that we need to think about encouraging people to join once they have attended 3 trips, as she was seeing the same names coming through trip reports but not joining. Others thought this may deter potential members.

NZSS fees stay the same –

  • have been cut costs by Skype meeting
  • maybe later some increased costs to wrap NZSS bulletins in plastic in the future

Simon gave a vote of thanks to Bronwyn, the outgoing Treasurer and all her hard work.


Kim spoke about the club's library. It is stored in two large plastic containers

  • Baz suggested that the empty shelves in the MM club rooms could store the books and that way they are accessible every club night and there is no chance that the workers using the cafe being interested enough in looking or removing them This to be further explored.
  • Bob W offered some films he had copied


  • Thanks to Sue Parker for doing a great job on these


  • Nothing of note, however discussion in minutes.

General business


Discussion identified the need to get all the gear together

  • First aid kit and gear to be located and held in one place.
  • New helmets to be named and numbered for identification purposes.


  • Baz spoke of money that has been given through SAR for the club towards rescue equipment. Stating the need to spend it on SAR equipment after discussion it was proposed to spend it on relevant gear, new committee to decide……….
  • Also Baz gave encouragement for WCG to obtain more funds towards SAR related skills or equipment.

Skills Training

discussion about having a local training session again.


  • Kim volunteered to help scan some older Sumpthinks so they can be placed on the web site


  • Justin can take credit for the trip 2010-2011 even though he wasn’t in the country because he had organised it at the beginning of the year.
  • Bob credited for the organisation of trip to Megamania
  • Simon for beginners night.

New trip ideas

Walter is looking forward to getting back to Martinborough - when the sun comes out – to start some surveying.

Club night

Bob W said the talk by Leigh on Emergency Medicine organised by Sue P was up there

Committee Meetings

It was agreed the committee would not meet every month but each Quarter unless a matter arose that required it to meet.

Good turnout for AGM. Sue P asked if we had ever had a turn out like that for an AGM and John said about 30 years ago.

Meeting closed at 9:00pm after every one broke into discussions.