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Wellington Caving Group


10th September 2008 WCG Committee Meeting


Present: Justin Hall,Scott Miller, Simon Davis, Kim Farrar, Sue Parker,
Apologies: Bronwyn Hasler, Steve Rush
Starting: 6:30 pm
Closing: 7:30pm

General Business:

  • The bank account has had no activity since the AGM, so the current balance is $2154.36.
  • Bronwyn is yet to receive any information from Colin Daniell re the Michie Phone funding which was due to be announced at the end of August. Joe Sydney from Australia is still in regular email contact re the building of some units in Australia, so information on best construction is being shared by an email type forum with other Australian and NZ cavers.
  • Simon Davis found out that auditing the club accounts is not required. If we do need our accounts audited for any funding Simon's brother may be able to assist.
  • Simon Davis has mentioned the Karst index in the trip leader's guide and has had an initial discussion with Mike Wood.
  • Reminder that the google docs has resouces that the committee can use and update.
  • Scott Miller has agreed to be the WCG treasurer. Kim Farrar agreed to collect the subscription fees from club members.
  • Scott Miller will have to be set up and Bronwyn Hasler remover at a later date as a signatory for the club bank account.
  • Steve Rush had offered to be the Gear officer. Further discussion rquired at the next meeting when Steve is present to agree.
  • Gavin was refitting the club helmets with new led lighting however he is not happy with the design and futher investigation is required. Hilighted that David Hume may be able to assit with this.
  • Suggested that a life membership award is looked at this year.
  • It was discussed that a new members night should be held again in February. The posters created last time could be re-used

Action Items:

Justin HallTo talk to Bob Wellington and find out what is in the SAR Kit and to itemise it for the asset register.
Simon DavisTo follow up to find out more infomation on life members before the NZSS AGM.

September Agenda

  • Previous minutes
  • Action items (see previous minutes)
  • Officers monthly briefing (President, Secretary,)
  • Appointment of Treasurer
  • Update of committee roles and tasks for next year
  • Committee meetings - when, where, how often.
  • 2008-2009 budget (Treasurer)
  • 2008-2009 Membership
  • Program updates, Planning for 2008-2009 (All)
    • Club night topics
    • Trips for September to December and beyond
  • Club helmets LED replacement progress (President/Gavin)
  • Michie phones funding and construction (Treasurer)
  • Gear funding (Treasurer, Sue)

Pizza at 6pm for 6:30 sharp start